Tuesday, 8 December 2009

Quick Request

Howdy all, before I launch my top 10 songs and albums of the year I have a quick appeal to make. Although it's interesting to look back on the year and compile my own favourites lists, I'm also dead keen on reading other people's take on the year's music. In the past few days I've been flitting around the interweb soaking up various End Of Year lists, and in doing so have had my eyes opened to a few excellent songs and albums that had previously passed me by. That's why I think it would be rather dandy if you yourselves could have a pop at drawing up your own top 10 songs and/or albums lists and posting them on here, so that we can all pour our musical favourites in to one big tub, and splash about in it gayly like children in a paddling pool.

I'm already thinking of songs which really shudda been on my Top 50 list - Memories by Pangaea, Loader by Shadow Dancer, Olympians/Surf Solar by Fuck Buttons, something by Moderat, I'm sure several more will pop in to my head before too long - and hopefully by the time I've finished listening to your suggestions I'll be kicking myself even more!

So gwan, have a wee think back over the year and then chuck your thoughts at the comment box below. Every musical persuasion under the sun is more than welcome, in fact styles that might not be the normal stamping ground of this blog are eagerly encouraged. And if you fancy letting me know how rubbish/average/awesome my list has been, or if you care to hazard a guess at my own top 10, then go for it.

Tuck in, children, tuck in.


  1. In no particular order and with no particular target number my dance choons of 2009 (based on when I first heard them, not when they were actually released, since I have my thumb severely off the 'trendy' pulse) would be...

    How You Like Me Now (Joker mix) - The Heavy
    Jigsaw (Taku Takahashi mix) - Lady Sovereign
    Waves - Erol Alkan/Boyz Noise
    Mars - Fake Blood
    The Jester - Enter Shikari (I say it counts)
    Cheap n Cheerful (Fake Blood mix) - The Kills

    With the 'novelty record' being a dead heat between Kissy Sell Outs 'Too Many Dicks' FotC remix or either the mallard/monkey mix of TC...

    As for my guess at your top 10, I imagine it'll be a load of obscure glitch-fidget-tech-2nd Wave-New Jersey-acid-minimal-electro-house, with some droney, boring mediocre female indie/dance singers of the La Roux/Robyn ilk...

  2. jack you dutty sexmonger. i miss your stubble in sheff i must say. never read your blog before but your actually quite a funny boy. strange. anyway heres my 10...
    tiga - what you need (proxy remix)
    stanton warriors - good vibrations
    alix perez - state 808
    mt eden dubstep - sierra leone
    DOCTOR P - SWEET SHOP!!!!!!!!!!
    boris dlugosch - bangkok
    jamie t - emilys heart
    marina and the diamonds - i am not a robot (starsmith remix)
    phoenix - 1901 (build remix)
    siriusmo - high together

    honourable mention:
    jls - everybody in love. STANDARD.

    peas x

  3. Coming at it from a dubstep/grime/whatever angle, and in no particular order:

    Sully - Duke St Dub
    Tempa T - Next Hype (DVA Vocal Remix)
    Wedge & Shadz - Running Away (Guido Remix)
    Pangaea - Memories
    Newham Generals - Head Get Mangled
    Joy Orbison - Hyph Mngo
    Pangaea - Router
    P Money - 1 Up
    Floating Points - K&G Beat

    And erm....Lady Gaga - Bad Romance

    See you Sheff-side über Weihnachten brother.