Wednesday, 29 July 2009

A casual introduction to... The Hardcore and The Gentle

First things first, I've just been to see Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince and can now confirm that if Alan Partridge was to model his hair in the style of a German lesbian then he would look identical to Draco Malfoy.

On a lesser note, allow me to welcome you to the latest, and for now almost definitely the worst, addition to what is often named 'the blogosphere'. I thought it wouldn't be appropriate not to name the blog after a somewhat obscure song lyric which is far from instantly recognisable (it's drawn from 'Big Time Sensuality' by Bjork), and for those that were worrying that this blog will discuss songs that are purely either hardcore or gentle then I can assure you that's not the case, as that would be a ridiculous premise for a blog.

Any songs that may feature on these pages will be songs that I consider to be 'just great songs', and won't necessarily be brand spanking new. This is so that I can throw a range of - what i consider to be - mega-dope tunes at you, whether they be old, new, or not even created yet; tunes that I feel will be pleasurable upon your dainty ears, but won't necessarily grant you the opportunity for a self-satisfied smug smile (not a sentence for the lispers, that) whenever a new dancefloor destroyer is dropped in a club, as the crowd around you goes mental but you are able to calmly shrug and smirk, "Huh, this is old news".

For those of you who were rightly not taken in by the previous explanation, the real reason that the songs on here probably won't be particularly new is because I don't have any prestige as a blogger, and therefore no-one sends me their new tunes. They don't even send me their old tunes. Shiiiit, I really need some tunes. For the love of God, PLEASE SOMEONE SEND ME SOME TUNES, ANY TUNES, POST ME YOUR OLD COPY OF 'SPICE WORLD' ON CASSETTE TAPE IF YOU MUST, JUST SEND THE DAMN THING. Anyway, to cover up this fact from now on, the songs will be presented in a special section I like to call: "Songs I'm Currently Listening To". Whilst not a very imaginative title, it does handily dodge the need for the songs themselves to actually BE current. So basically, if you want a blog with a silly and slightly emo-sounding name that sneaks around pretending to be a properly constructed music blog when it is in fact the complete opposite, then 'The Hardcore and The Gentle' is for you. If however you want new, fresh songs, well thought-out reviews and thoroughly researched and insightful background detail, then I suggest you look elsewhere, and get your 'ead checked you wally, you're bloomin' maaad you are!

Right, without further ado, here's the inaugural edition of 'Songs I'm Currently Listening To'. Here's an indefinite selection of tracks (depending on how quickly I get bored of uploading them, it's probably gonna be five) that you can download, listen to, and treasure, and perhaps the next time you see me you'll even feel compelled to proclaim, "Hey, yeah, Jack, loved that tune dude, U DA MAN!" and do this:

(I should mention that these songs won't all be of a particular genre, although I imagine quite a few will be of the electronic variety. Also, if by some incredible turn of events you happen to be reading this and you aren't simply one of my Facebook friends who I'll have sent this to who'll be reading this out of a sense of pity, and are in fact someone important or even more incredibly the artist themselves and don't wish for me to be giving out your material willy-nilly, then just lemme know and I'll take the track down.)

Songs That I'm Currently Listening To:

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